RAAF Base Tindal - NACC Concrete Pavements (3060)

Client: Lend Lease Building
Contract value: $14,000,000

The New Air Combat Capability (NACC) project is situated on RAAF Tindal airbase at Katherine in the Northern Territory. When complete this project will upgrade existing airfield facilities to support the new F-35 aircraft, upgrade airfield pavements, provide training facilities for the aircraft (i.e. simulator facilities), a new squadron headquarters, aircraft maintenance hangars and shelters, storage facilities for ground support equipment and warehouse facilities.

Scope of works

Mitcon Projects has been contracted for the entire pavement construction to complete 12x OLAs aircraft rigid pavements (3600m2) including associated removal and excavation of existing, complete all the PCC Base and 5mm Primer Seal on Rigid Aircraft pavements (28,000m2) within NACC Precinct and associated grated drainage pits, flame traps, drainage base slabs, water proofing as per details and tie to main stormwater line, bridging slab for sewer manhole and T05 and T07 rigid pavement.